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Oleśnica City

Oleśnica City is a city with 36 thousand inhabitants located in the north-eastern part of the Dolnośląskie Province which is connected with the Wrocław agglomeration of the area of 20.96 sq. metres. Motorisation is the most dominant secotr of the economy. Economic potential of the city is centred in the GKN Driveline PolskaSpółka z o.o. and also in the strongly developing SME sector.

panorama miasta

Photo: Daniel Grodziński/a photograph obtained from the Department of Social Life Documents of the MikołajRej Oleśnica Public Library

In order to supper the economic development of the city and to counteract unemployment in 2009, Oleśnica authorities resolved to establish the Oleśnicasubzone within the Wałbrzych “Invest-Park” Economic Zone which covers in total 70.0433 ha, including 25.1830 ha of invested land and 28.5298 ha sold to private investors awaiting investments.

In order to attract foreign investors we closely cooperate with PolskaAgencjaInwestycji i Handlu http://www.paih.gov.pl/ and DAWG Sp. z o.o.

We ensure access to well-qualified staff on the local market thanks to well-developed vocational training. It is worth stressing good cooperation of the schools with business in patronage classes of GKN Driveline Polska, MIDROCAlucrom Sp. z o.o. and ROM, which have a dominate share in the local economy.

We are getting stronger. We gradually increase financial outlay for the city development. In 2019, it was PLN 12 964 831.96 and in 2020 we are planning the amount of PLN 8 158 547.13 which allows us to build a comfortable city infrastructure of roads, kindergartens or recreational facilities.

Our idea it to make Oleśnica a modern city for people who appreciate high life quality and economic development.

Liczba mieszkańców ikona
Number of inhabitants 36281
Stopa bezrobocia ikona
Unemployment rate 6,00 %
Średnie miesięczne wynagrodzenie ikona
Average monthly gross salary PLN 4128,29
Rozwój miasta ikona
City development, amount in 2020 PLN 8.158.547,13
Koszt wynajmu powierzchni ikona
Office space monthly rental costs in the municipality: PLN 11.86/sq. meter
Koszt wynajmu magazynów ikona
Warehouse space monthly rental costs in the municipality: PLN 13.46/sq. meter
Koszt wynajmu gruntu ikona
Commercial land monthly rental costs in the municipality: PLN 2.09/sq. meter
Cena ziemi pod inwestycje ikona
Price per square meter for land for industrial investments in the municipality: PLN 52.00
Podatek od nieruchomości ikona
Business real property tax: PLN 22,98
Koszt wynajmu mieszkania ikona
Residential facility rental costs: PLN 27.64/sq. meter
Cena metra mieszkania ikona
Price per square meter for residential facilities on the primary market: PLN 5 500.00
Cena mieszkania rynek wtórny ikona
Price per square meter for residential facilities on the secondary market: PLN 4 946.66
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